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Historic Home Renovation



The Re~Build, Two-Step Process

When you choose  ReBuild, LLC for historical restoration, we focus on getting the job done right. That’s why we use a unique, two-step process that delivers the care and attention to detail an older home requires.

First, we send in our experienced estimator that looks at your siding and custom woodwork, searching for any signs of wood rot.  We only move forward to the second step when you feel fully comfortable and assured that the project is agreeable and budget guide lines have been set.

We then send in our team of experienced contractors, using the appropriate techniques and proper materials for a historic home. In everything we do, quality is at the forefront.

Historic homes in the Kansas City area and around the country are precious assets, vestiges of the past that connect to the way things once were. Caring for and maintaining these properties is a delicate undertaking and a huge responsibility.

The bottom line is, we work differently than most other general contractors because we focus on craftsman level quality, extensive preparation and attention to detail. If you want to experience our process first hand, give us a call or fill out the short form that’s available on the Contact Us page.  Or, visit our Facebook page. Visit or Blog to read more about what sets us apart and see our unique take on all sorts of contracting, and remodeling-related topics.


Need Help Renovating an Historic Home in Kansas City?

If you need help renovating an historic home in Kansas City, we’re here to help. Getting started is easy. Let us use our 15 years of experience in historic home renovation in Kansas City, as well as other historic home renovation services. Contact us today for your free estimate.

Interested in financing your renovation?

Basically an historic home renovation is a home loan product where you can borrow money for home renovations at the same time you borrow money for a mortgage. It lumps the funds all together as one mortgage loan. In general, an FHA 203(k) loan allows you to wrap your renovation costs into your mortgage. That's just one loan and one closing. The amount you borrow is a combination of the price of the home and the estimated price of the repairs, including labor and materials.

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