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Sean Sparks
President, CEO

As CEO and founder of ReBuild, Sean has over 16 years of Commercial and Residential remodeling experience.  As a previous financial lender, Sean is also familiar with all facets of the loan process. He prides himself on being involved with each and every client. From pillar to post he is always available to his clients.  

Jonas Miles
Project Lead / Partner

As Senior Project Lead and Partner of ReBuild, Jonas has over 30 years experience in both residential and commercial building. As a Master Carpenter, he understand the importance of great quality & brings craftsmanship to our clients. He oversees and manages our crews, making sure our expectations of our service surpasses our clients. We look forward to working with you soon. 

Dave Sarowski
Marketing Guy

As the marketing guy, Dave does all sorts of cool marketing related stuff here at ReBuild.  When he's not keeping our website up to date, social media current and our "blogs" fed you can usually find him on a job site. For a marketing guy he certainly knows his way around contracting, and never needs a reason to pick up a power tool. Dave.......

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