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At Re~Build we understand your commercial property isn't just your business, it's your livelihood....... Take a moment to review our policy and procedures section below.... we affectionately call it  "COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION 101 by RE~BUILD"   

Overland Park

Olatha, KS

Commercial Construction 101, by Re~Build

During the first phase of a project, we place our complete focus on contract administration and field execution. The focus of contract administration is to procure the supplies and services outlined in the contract schedule and within budget. As such, contract administration serves as the primary part of the procurement process that assures that the contract is successfully executed. Subcontractor coordination plays an important role in timely and efficient construction. We place reliable and trustworthy subcontractors on all of our projects. We require all subcontractors to submit a pre-qualification form in order to mitigate the risks associated with commercial construction.


During the buyout process, ReBuild creates bid packages and specific scopes of work tailored to each trade and unique to the project. This process results in more responsive subcontractors, higher quality proposals, and eliminates scope gap. Subcontractor proposals are analyzed for completeness and major trades are interviewed by ReBuild’s Project Manager and sometimes by Sean himself. Rebuild carefully pre-qualifies and selects subcontractors for the work and may require subcontractors to provide a performance and payment bond to protect both ReBuild from a subcontractor who falls on hard times.


The project manager will provide continuous support and will perform regular master schedule updates and transfer said information to the subcontractors.


ReBuild works diligently to manage quality throughout construction by requiring high-quality materials consistent with the design standards. ReBuild will create internal punch lists using our integrated Project Management tool, during the entire construction period, as we phase through the project. This tool allows a quick, thorough, and organized punch list creation that can be assigned to each trade.


ReBuild has strict policies and procedures to ensure that each subcontractor carries adequate insurance limits specific to each project and is prepared to shoulder the financial responsibility of any accidents or losses that occur as a result of their work.

ReBuild’s payment procedure for subcontracts guarantees the maximum protection against mechanic’s liens and stop notices from subcontractors and their suppliers. ReBuild carefully monitors lien waivers from subcontractors and suppliers to protect the project from encumbrances and the dangers of subcontractor insolvency.


ReBuild executes a written safety program administered by our retained third-party safety consultant. The safety program is approved by ReBuild’s insurance carriers and complies with all applicable Federal and State laws.

ReBuild’s safety consultant will make regular job site visits and written reports, and certain subcontract trades will be required to have job walks by their in-house safety personnel. Rebuild will manage all site construction activities and the surrounding areas indirectly affected by the construction. Sean, along with his assistants, will implement the following measures to ensure subcontractor quality, performance, and safety:

  • Daily reporting by ReBuild and all subcontractors performing work on site.

  • Weekly subcontractor meetings that will cover topics such as safety, schedule, deliveries, RFI’s, submittals, and new documents.

  • Weekly "Tool Box Talks" by all trades as required by OSHA.

  • Job Hazard Analysis for high risk activities

  • Two-week look-ahead schedules updated weekly identifying specific trade work to be performed.

  • Delivery inspections by all subcontractors for receipt of materials to ensure the approved products are being utilized for the project.

  • Collaboration with the local inspectors, State Fire Marshal, Inspector, and others regarding code requirements, planned inspections, and construction progress.

  • Each subcontractor will be required to have a competent person on site at all times during their operations safety.


Our construction team is committed to partnering with you every step of the way. From the first hole in the ground to the final piece of furniture being moved in, we are ready to deliver another impactful project in our community. 

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